Papa no Iukoto wo Kikinasai (パパのいうことを聞きなさい! or Listen to Me, Girls. I Am Your Father!) is an 12-episodes anime and a special episode aired on a later date.

Ep 1 : "Don't Call Me Daddy" "Papa to Yobanaide" (パパと呼ばないで) 

Ep 2 : "Come to My House" "Uchi e Oideyo" (家へおいでよ) 

Ep 3 : "I Won't Cry" "Naite Tamaruka" (泣いてたまるか) 

Ep 4 : "Wonderful Life" "Wandafuru Raifu" (ワンダフルライフ) 

Ep 5 : "What Happened to the Girl" "Shōjo ni Nani ga Okotta ka" (少女に何が起こったか) 

Ep 6 : "A Wonderful Family Trip" "Subarashiki Kazoku Ryokō" (素晴らしき家族旅行) 

Ep 7 : "Thanks for Always Putting Up With Us" "Maido Osawagase Shimasu" (毎度おさわがせします) 

Ep 8 : "I Won't Let That Happen!" "Yurushi Masen!" (ゆるしません!) 

Ep 9 : "A Little My Way" "Chotto Maiwei" (ちょっとマイウェイ) 

Ep 10 : "My Blue Sky" "Watashi no Aozora" (私の青空) 

Ep 11: "You're not There When I Want You To Be..." "Aitai Toki ni Anata wa Inai..." (逢いたい時にあなたはいない…) 

Ep 12 :"I Love the World's Best Daddy" "Sekai de Ichiban Papa ga Suki" (世界で一番パパが好き) 

Ep 13(Special) :"Warmth" "Pokka Poka" (ぽっかぽか)     

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