Raika Oda
Raika Oda

First Appearance

Episode 1


College Student




167 cm

Voiced By:

Yui Horie

Family Member


A second year student of Tama University School of Literature, and a very good cook in Japanese cuisine. She is the only female member in the Street Observation Research Society. Everytime Sako has perverted thoughts or is being crude, she beats him with harisen (a giant paper fan). Despite being very attractive, she does not reveal her emotions easily and dislikes talking with anyone except for Yūta, hinting she has feelings for him. She especially loves cute things, as upon encountering one, she starts making strange squeaks and changes into a different person. This also applies to Yūta's nieces including Sora, who is awkward of getting on good terms with her due to her jealousy on Yūta. In the manga she says that yuuta will be hina's dad while she will be the mom so they could be dating in the that manga